Gaia Travels To Ukraine

Gaia Cauchi and the rest of the Maltese Junior Eurovision Delegation today travel to Kiev. Gillian Attard, vocal coach and Elton Zarb, composer are among the persons accompanying Gaia in Kiev.

The team is expected to arrive in Kiev late this evening.  The programme of events includes the recording of the Maltese postcard and the common song on Monday.  In the evening, the children will get together at the welcome party where they will draw the names and form the running order of the 2013 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Rehearsals start on Tuesday.  The delegation will have time to discuss the song preview and the recap with the technical personnel immediately after the first rehearsal.  On Wednesday all children will be taken on a cultural tour around Kiev.  Rehearsals continue on Thursday.  A full dress rehearsal will take place on Friday and again on Saturday morning.


Gaia will perform the song ‘The Start’ written by herself with the help of Muxu and composed by Elton Zarb and Gillian Attard.  The show will be aired live on TVM on Saturday 30th November 2013.