The travellers, Christina Magrin, and Ira Losco are the Guests.

The guests for tonight’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest are all brilliant artists close to the Maltese’s heart. The travellers are a group band of 6 young men. The band is formed by Chris Gatt (vocals), Joseph Xerri (trumpet), Sylvano Mizzi (saxophone), Andrew Vella (backing vocals | guitars), Clayton Bonello (bass guitar), Michael Camilleri (drums). The Travellers are singing two of their best hits Xemx u Xita u Semplicita’.

The second guest is young 13 year old Christina Magrin accompanied by dancers. Christina released her new song ‘Snow Globe’. The third Guest is none other than Ira Losco accompanied by her band and backing vocalists. Losco sang her past winning song ‘Walk on water’ and ‘Chameleon’ and released her new song ‘We are the Soldiers’.