WATCH: Claudia Faniello’s voice enchants Eurovision fans in Israel

Eurovision fans in Israel who attended the show ‘Israel Calling 2017’ at the Theatre Club in Tel Aviv last night, were enchanted by the voice of Claudia Faniello. In fact, at the end of her great performance of  ‘Breathlessly’, many on social media said that she gave the best vocal interpretation from among the 28 singers who took part in this event.  This is considered to be the largest event prior to the Eurovision taking place in the Ukraine between 9 – 13 May.

Liran Liberman said “she was the best vocalist, powerful voice and I love it so much” while Timo Herrmann commented that “there’s a ‘calm power’ in the song”. Anna Salvatore said that “Claudia is so good live” and Mary Stackow who attends a lot of the pre-Eurovision events, said that “after few Eurovision parties you can see who is the best in live performances, last evening Claudia Faniello was the best.” Right after Claudia performed, even the presenter of Israel Calling was enchanted by the performance of the Maltese singer, saying “that was a performance worth waiting for.”

Journalists and Eurovision fans are commenting that the Maltese song is one of the most beautiful ballads this year and they pointed out that it needs to be sung live to be truly appreciated.

Claudia Faniello will sing in the fifth place in the second semi-final on Thursday 11 May. Out of 19 songs, 10 of them will go through to the semi-final on 13 May.