Watch:-Promotion of ‘Breathlessly’ continues in Israel

Claudia Faniello made a great impression last night when taking part in  ‘Israel Calling 2017’ which took place at Herzliya Harbour near Tel Aviv. She was performing together with 27 other participants who are taking part in the Eurovision which this year will be held in the Ukraine between 9 – 13 May.

Claudia also took part in the gala evening with all the singers walking the red carpet individually as the song they will be participating with in Kiev, played in the background.  When the presenters called out  Claudia Faniello’s name and the title of her song ‘Breathlessly’, the journalists and photographers present were eager to meet and interview her about her preparations for the Eurovision, as well as to ask her what she thinks of the issue which is dominating  this year’s edition between Ukraine and Russia.   Over the last few days, Ukraine decided to ban the singer from Russia,  Yulia Samoylova, from taking part in the competition because of the political issue between the two countries over Crimea.  Claudia said that while she was following all the developments regarding the issue, she is more focussed on her participation so that she will give a good performance. During the evening, Claudia met with many of her fellow singers as well as fans.
Claudia Faniello’s visit to Israel comes after her other good performance in London over the weekend. On Saturday she is expected to take part in another large event for Eurovision singers being held in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.
In the Ukraine, Claudia will be singing in the fifth place in the second semi-final on Thursday 11 May. There will be 19 countries taking part, ten of which will go through to the final on Saturday 13 May.